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Our Early Help Offer

The World Outside Kindergartens Early Help Offer

At The World Outside Kindergarten, we recognise the challenges that families face in bringing up children and there may be times when you need extra help and support.


In this offer of Early Help, we have outlined some of the ways that we are able to provide this.


We can help to plan specific support for families by following the Early Help Pathway, meaning we can carry out a whole family early help assessment where extra support is identified.


We will work with you as a family to work together to set and achieve positive outcomes in a family plan.


Providing early help to our pupils and families at The World Outside Kindergarten means we are more effective in promoting support as soon as we can.


Early help means providing support as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in a child’s life, from the foundation years through to teenage years and beyond.

To find out more information please click the link below to download a pdf with more information.

To download our early help offer please click here!

To download Worcestershire Children First
early help offer please click here!

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