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Level 3

Level 3

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Our vision is to create an outdoor setting within woodland where children are safe and can enjoy the love of learning through nature connection in a nourishing environment.


Becoming creative and thinking critically, having their own ideas making links with nature understanding the world around them.

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 We wish to inspire children with the love of learning and develop curiosity, grow in mind,and body and become collaborative learners.

Our key values include collaboration ants as they work together as a team to solve problems and get things done.

The kindness rabbit,this is the most important of our values at kindergarten. We try to show kindness to others,showing respect to others, having good manners, and understanding of consequences.

Having a good understanding that we are all different and unique, we encourage this as part of our British values.

With a dedicated and highly motivated team we create a high-quality nurturing setting that helps prepare children for lifelong learning, through developing resilience and independence just like our key values the resilient squirrel we encourage children to keep on trying and to never give up on a challenge that they are facing as resilience is an important life skill to have.


This allows them to be active learners and to keep on trying, enjoying, and achieving what they have set out to do.

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Each child is unique and will be given the opportunity to grow and learn in their own unique way, allowing them to become creative in their own safe environment, our key values are we want children to express themselves however they want and show their true colours just like our beautiful butterflies in our woodlands.

Allowing children to play and explore, being willing to have ago and try new things, playing with what they know allowing them to be confident to engage in new activities, giving them a sense of self and the ability to build relationships with others.

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