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The Early years goals are:

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

They will do this through activities such as:

  • Large motor control: hopping, skipping, climbing, balancing, kicking etc. Hoops and chalked shapes on the ground, walking along  logs and chalked line with a bean bag balanced on head.

  • Follow the leader type games and scavenger hunts using large movements.

  • Running in the wind with kites, streamers etc.

  • Wheeled toys – pushing, pulling, spatial awareness, co-ordination and control.

  • The use of natural materials and equipment for rolling, jumping and balance.

  • Creation of assault courses with natural materials.

  • Throwing, catching, rolling, spatial awareness, accuracy, hand/eye co-ordination and control, using small equipment, bats, balls etc.

  • Leaf Threading

  • Moving over uneven ground

  • Climbing up and down slopes

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  • Digging and planting, using equipment safely and with control.

  • Balance – develop co-ordination and control of body actions by using equipment; playing games; walking along chalk lines, rope pathways, small balancing beams, climbing equipment, and stepping stones; building and  using large equipment, and carrying heavier objects;

  • Locomotion – focusing on basic motor skills such as running, jumping and moving the body around in different ways, eg games like “What’s the Time Mr Wolf?” or “Simon Says”;

  • Manipulative skills – using equipment to develop aiming, predicting and estimating techniques, eg throwing balls into containers or through hoops;

  • Experience the vocabulary of movement and words of instruction; and – understand simple rules and use tools and equipment appropriately, safely and with increasing control and imagination.

  • Sorting stones, cones, picking up little bugs

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