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The World Outside Parent Code of Conduct 

The World Outside aims to provide a friendly, safe and respectful environment for all children, staff, families and volunteers. The staff have a duty to follow the staff conduct as outlined in the employee handbook and in turn we would like parents and carers to take note of their responsibilities to ensure our ethos is continued.

We are committed to ensuring that all children are safeguarded whilst in our care, and so with this in mind, you can help us to maintain our responsibilities in the following ways:

Please do:

  • Share information with staff on your child’s development, health and well-being.

  • Let us know if someone else is collecting your child, send us their picture, give them the password and ensure that they have an entry fob

  • Collect your child on time – if you are going to be unavoidably late then please contact the kindergarten to let them know.

  • Discuss any worries , concerns or complaints with your child’s Key Person or the Nursery Manager, as appropriate. See the complaints policy for more guidance.

  • Leave your phone in your car, hand bag or pocket whilst on the school premises

  • Park with consideration for our neighbours.  Do not obstruct access to driveways at any time whilst dropping off or picking up your child

  • Expect another parent to politely close the access gate on you.


Please refrain from:

  • Shouting at, smacking or physically punishing your child(ren) or any other children whilst at the kindergarten

  • Using inappropriate language or displaying aggressive or intimidating behaviour towards the staff, children or other parents/carers either in person, or on the phone or in writing.

  • Collecting your child(ren) from nursery if you have consumed alcohol, medication or other substances that have affected your judgement or responses.

  • Discussing sensitive issues within earshot of your child or other children or other adults.

  • Taking photos or videos of children other than your own, unless agreed by a member of staff.

  • Posting pictures of staff, the nursery premises or children at the nursery other than your own on social media

  • Using your mobile phone whilst in the nursery, as outlined in the Mobile Phone policy.

  • Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments regarding the nursery or any of the children, parents or staff at the nursery on facebook or other social media sites.

  • Leaving any of the kindergarten gates open at any time



Kindergarten Access:

  • In order to keep your child, the staff the other children at the school and kindergarten safe, you must not at any time let anyone through the gate.  Even if you know them to be a parent at our setting.

  • Please shut the gate after you have entered or departed so the person accessing the setting has to use their fob to gain access.

  • Do not leave the gate open for any length of time except for to gain access or to depart.

  • If you see anyone allowing access to another person or leaving the gate open, please report this to a member of staff in complete confidence as soon as possible so that we can secure the premises for the safety of your child



Breach of this code of conduct

Any breach of this code of conduct will be treated promptly and taken very seriously.


The management will endeavour to determine the appropriate course of action which may include, but is not limited to, any of the following procedures:


· A first and final meeting or letter being used to inform the relevant person of the outcome of the investigation and that another breach will not be tolerated.

· Withdrawal of permission for the relevant person to be on nursery premises, which will in effect prevent that person from attending the setting even to drop off or pick up children.

· The suspension and possible permanent withdrawal of a child’s place. This action will only be taken if all other avenues have been explored and the management feel it is the only possible course of action left open to them.



If the staff are presented with a difficult or volatile situation and they feel that an individual is at immediate risk of harm, then the police will be contacted and their assistance requested to help deal with the situation.


The nursery believes that if the above points are adhered to a safe, friendly and respectful environment will be created.

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