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What our Parents say!

The World Outside Kindergarten a Nursery based in Kidderminster

I am so happy we have found this nursery, it has really brought out the best in my son.

Every "Kindergarten day" he is so excited to go. He is such an outdoor kid, he struggled being in a confined nursery setting previously, he is now thriving at Kindergarten.

The setting is beautiful, a place to make the most amazing childhood memories.

I love the ethos and how they encourage and teach environmental awareness.

The staff are attentive towards my child, and are knowledgeable about early years education aswell as forest schooling.

I highly recommend this place

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Wow!   What a unique and amazing kindergarten! Our little boy has just gone 2, and after spending so much time in our home with us during lock down, he is a little nervous to be left anywhere, to say the least, babbles in a language only he can understand and struggles to interact in activities of any kind. He loves to be outside and so when I came across the kindergarten I decided to visit the facility , knowing he desperately needed to do something to help him progress. 

As soon as I walked into the area, I was so impressed by the different sections and activities that were on offer. The leaders were so lovely, and I could tell straight away how caring and encouraging they are.

Our little one started going once a week, and even though at first he was really nervous about being left, Michelle, Lucy and all the other teachers have made him feel so comfortable, he is pretty happy to go now. His individual needs are really catered for. Each time I collect him he is having such a good time he appears to want to stay! His communication is really improving in just 4 sessions! We are so happy that our little one is going to be doing another session each week!

Little ones have so much fun and learn so much (all the things you expect to be ready for school along with so many outdoor skills too) I can’t recommend it enough!

I highly recommend this Kindergarten, I was so excited to find a Kindergarten in an outdoor setting in such a beautiful peaceful location when looking for a preschool for my very active toddler.

I was so worried about the next stage for my son as he turned 3 after lock down. But there was no need for me to worry, the staff are amazing in both communication with my son also allowing me to build on time he was left to ease separation anxiety. He is now extremely happy to be left at kindergarten and i feel he gets so much out of the outdoor setting and forest school ethos.

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I am so happy we have found this nursery, it has really brought the best out in our son.

Every 'Kindergarten day' he is so excited to go.  He is such an outdoor kid,  he struggled being confined in a nursery setting previously. he is now thriving at the Kindergarten.

The setting is beautiful, a place to make the most amazing childhood memories.

I love the ethos and how they encourage and teach environmental awareness.

The staff are attentive towards my child and are knowledgeable about the early years as well as forest schooling

I highly recommend this place


My little boy started attending The World Outside Kindergarten just after his second birthday. He is an outdoorsy child and this is the perfect environment for him. He has settled in straight away and looks forward to going every day! That is all thanks to the amazing team that work there! They keep me updated on my little boys day and his progress! I would definitely recommend the Kindergarten

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I am so happy with the care & support my child receives whilst at the kindergarten. She loves the outdoor setting & has developed so much in her time there, a lot of this is down to the support workers at the kinder and the teaching methods the deploy as well as the protective but progressive way they work with this children.


I think it’s an amazing nursery, such lovely staff and a great setting for children to have more freedom and spend more time outdoors being able to be more free and enjoy themselves. I’m happy I get to send my child here and I’m grateful that we have had the opportunity. I didn’t want my child to be cooped up in a class room all day long and I wanted it to be more of a fun environment for them!! This has certainly been achieved and I am grateful for your hard work. Thank you!

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Level 3

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Thank you to all of the staff for the care you provide for our child. We appreciate all of your hard work and the support you have given to help her grow, learn and flourish. Our child is always so happy to attend and talks fondly about the kindergarten, staff, children and the activities you do. We feel she is safe, well cared for, happy and making good progress. We believe you cover the EYFS curriculum very well whilst maintaining a passion for the outdoors. It is a beautiful setting and used well to provide children with a wonderful experience.


I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all the love and care you have provided to our daughter. She is always so happy going into kindergarten and comes home singing songs and telling us about her day. The nursery is a beautiful tranquil setting & I always find it so peaceful walking in and we enjoy looking and listening to the birds.

The staff are very friendly and approachable and we enjoy looking at at the pictures you share on famly where our daughter tells us about her friends/ activities that she’s been doing. When picking up she and the other children always seem so happy.
I love the high staff ratio the nursery has as I know it means all the children are getting the attention & engagement they require. The staff are always a phone call away too and they don’t seem to mind us calling to check on our daughter for updates.

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