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Our Management software provider


In order to provide the very best service we can and ensure that our staff spend as much time as possible with your children, we will be using 'Famly' Management Software.  This system allows us to do many of the tasks required efficiently, accurately and also paperless.

Tracking your child's development

Famly helps the staff to observe and monitor stepping stones in your child's development easily so they can spend more time with them.

Keeping you
informed with those 'Wow' moments

We don't want you to miss out on those special moments and want you to have peace of mind that your little one is ok and settled once you have left them in our care.

Math Formulas and a Calculator
Invoicing and bill payments

Famly keeps track of the invoicing which means more accurate billing and even helps with those complicated funding calculations.

Signing a Contract

In line with our ethos, Famly will help us be more environmentally friendly.  You can access all the policies online and receive a quote and view your contract, all in one place!

All the information will be in one place

No more searching for that newsletter with the date you are supposed to send a toilet roll in.  You can just check the app for the events that day, you can sign your child in sick and you can request extra days at the click of a button.

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