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Baby Toad at the World Outside KIndergarten KIdderminster Worcestershire


At our core, we envision a vibrant woodland space where children can thrive in the great outdoors, within a safe and nurturing environment.


We strive to foster a deep appreciation for nature and ignite a lifelong passion for learning, encouraging children to explore their curiosities.

With a dedicated and passionate team, we aim to create an exceptional setting that cultivates resilience, independence, and prepares children for a lifetime of learning.


Drawing inspiration from the principles of forest school and embracing a learner-led approach, we empower children to embrace calculated risks for their personal growth, fostering collaboration and nurturing their self-esteem and self-confidence alongside their friends.

Our children will be immersed in nature, spending most of their time engaging with the environment, cultivating a sense of responsibility through activities such as tending to gardens, caring for animals, and expressing their creativity in the open air.


Our mission is to ensure that every child experiences a joyful and secure childhood, allowing them ample time for personal growth and development.

Through fostering positive relationships, The World Outside strives to create a safe and nurturing environment that supports children's holistic development, while offering assistance to parents as they reintegrate into the workforce.

Our goal is to establish a sustainable setting where children can actively learn about the environment and their role in safeguarding it for future generations.

With a primary focus on nature connection, the majority of our time will be spent outdoors, particularly in  the woodland area.


Through the use of affirming language and child-led activities, we aim to enhance children's emotional intelligence.

By incorporating forest school principles and embracing outdoor experiences in all seasons and weather conditions, we aim to cultivate self-esteem, self-confidence, and resilience in each child.

Recognising the uniqueness of every individual, we prioritize allowing each child to develop at their own pace and in their own unique way.


Our aim is to ensure that their time with us is filled with happiness, enjoyment, and meaningful preparation for their future educational journey.

Cooking on the fire at the World Outside Nursery Kidderminster
Three little pigs at the nursery. The World Outside Outdoor Kindergarten Kidderminster Worcestershire



The World Outside Kindergarten will allow children and young people the opportunity to learn through experience within a woodland setting in a hands-on manner. 


Whilst equipping the children for lifelong learning, through the Early Years Curriculum the children, by spending time outdoors will also develop:

  • confidence and self-esteem

  • communication and social skills

  • physical skills

  • greater understanding and awareness of the natural environment

  • resilience

  • perseverance 

  • natural motivation and a positive attitude to learning

  • the ability to recognise and manage risk

  • healthier lifestyles

  • emotional Intelligence


Environmental Impact and Sustainability


At the heart of The World Outside is a love of the planet and our environment and a wish to create a setting that is sustainable and has little or no impact and preferably enhances it.


To do this we would aim to:

  • have buildings and equipment from sustainable sources

  • use renewable/ efficient sources of energy

  • educate the children and give them confidence to grow their own vegetables

  • reduce and recycle our waste

  • produce and cook healthy food

  • keep livestock that can provide for us

  • zero carbon footprint

  • to purchase supplies locally or from fair trade sources

  • create and nurture wildlife environments, in the form of bat boxes, wildlife and wildflower gardens, bug hotels, hibernaculum's, and bird boxes etc


In the short-term funding may prevent the use of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, however, once the business is established if necessary, environmentally friendly alternatives will be sourced and implemented.

Wyre Forest 230611 (26).JPG

The Children

At the Kindergarten learners are all:

  • equal, unique and valuable

  • competent to explore & discover

  • entitled to experience appropriate risk and challenge

  • entitled to choose, and to initiate and drive their own learning and development

  • entitled to experience regular success

  • entitled to develop positive relationships with themselves and other people

  • entitled to develop a strong, positive relationship with their natural world



At the Kindergarten the holistic development of each individual child is of great importance, as this will:


  • encourage them to use their creativity and interests

  • develop awareness that all children are different and have their own capabilities

  • enable them to learn to accept failure as part of their own development

  • develop perseverance, patience in learning, play and work

  • enable them to learn strategies for coping with resistance, motivation and self-regulation


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