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​“Outside, quiet children start to talk more and children who find it hard to be constrained begin to relax. Children need to be outside long enough to feel at home there.”

Emma Shaw


At The World Outside​, we provide a nourishing, nurturing environment that values each of the children in their own right.

They are allowed to learn at their own pace and in their own way through child led activities.

The Early years goals are:

Self Regulation

Managing Self

Building Relationships

​Through the wide range of activities available to the children at The World Outside Kindergarten, they can become confident in their abilities.

They have the freedom and space to run around and shout unhindered, express frustrations and feelings, space to be quiet/hide in, for example, dens or tunnels.

They learn to care for others such as comforting them when hurt or even simple tasks such as  helping each other with coats.

They are taught to be caring and have respect for equipment, helping fix trucks,  clear away, sweep up sand and repair equipment.

The children have the opportunity to take risks and try new activities, with adult support, climbing higher, balancing further, thus building their confidence and allowing them to have faith in their abilities.

Under FIves with the World Outside and A Huge toad
The World Outside Kindergarten Outdoor n

​At The World Outside we believe that the children should become self confident and be able to manage their personal needs as independently as possible.

They learn to take turns and if necessary, wait for what they want, so allowing them to build good relationships with the other children.

The children learn how working as a team and cooperation get tasks done more quickly and that everyone can work together.

Sometimes things do not go to plan and through good adult role modelling the children will learn to adapt and change their goals to fit the new situation.

When working with your friends, sometimes things can get fraught and at The World Outside we help them cope with conflict and find amicable solutions that can solve the issues without compromising their own needs.

Coping with conflict/consequences of actions, and understanding their feelings are also topics we explore with them.

The World Outside staff are supportive and lead by example.  They enjoy being outside as much as the children and are passionate about the world around them.

The staff are enthusiastic and keen to help the children learn though child led activities and allow the children to develop at their own pace and in their own way.

The staff use positive language and work with the children to develop good relationships with each other.

Throughout the seasons the staff work with the children on what they need for appropriate clothing and how to protect themselves from the extremes of the weather.

The children also get to cook on the fire, everything from soups and stews to toast and pizza.

The World Outside Kindergarten Outdoor n
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