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The world around us is at the heart of The World Outside Kindergarten.

The natural world provides us with almost everything we need to provide the perfect learning environment.

The Early years goals are:

Past and Present

People, Culture and Communities

The Natural World

We spend time observing and investigating living things, mini-beasts and plants, using magnifying glasses and pots to look more closely and recording findings in different ways.

We discuss the differences between what we see in the woodland area, the open grass and the hard surface areas, checking out the different habitats.

Through plants, bulbs, seeds and vegetables we learn about growth and the passing of time.  

We help raise awareness of the seasons and different weather types and what we need to wear.

Water play is always a favourite where the children can investigate water movement, floating, sinking, how water moves and drains in to the soil and how it changes when you add soil to it and make a mud pie.

Bug hunting with the World Outside

Observing the world around us also involves collecting sticks, lighting fires and cooking on the fire, so by observing stage of state, reversible and irreversible.

We also sit around the fire for story time and exchange stories and findings.

We sit quietly in nature and observe wildlife and the sounds around us, with the use of sit spots and quiet wildlife observation.

Technology is used in the form of listening to sap rising up through the tree trunks in spring by using stethoscopes.

We also use tablets to record pictures of our discoveries and the walkie talkies to call the other group back to join us for hot chocolate!

Using methods used by Vikings, stone age to cook, make marks and tools

Stories form around the world and celebrating festivals from different cultures, such as St Patricks Day, Diwali, 

At The World Outside we use the seasons and festivals to provide opportunities to talk about family and traditions.

The Equinox and Diwali provide opportunities to chat about faith and get creative with making candle holders with natural materials, or have fun making grass crowns on Oak Apple Day.

Creating links with the wider community, for example, visits from the Community Police Officers and interaction with the Secondary School also have their parts to play in raising awareness of the world around us.

Leaf crowns , celebrating Oak Apple day with The World Outside
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