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Extraodinary Pond dipping with the World Outside.jpg


The Early years goals are:

Creating with Materials

Being Imaginative and Expressive

The children will do this through activities such as:

  • Making dens, using a variety of equipment to be something else.

  • Developing imagination and creativity to solve problems and pretend.

  • Explore sounds in the outdoor environment, making their own instruments.

  • Using all senses to explore the outdoor environment, surface textures, sounds, smells, following tracks.

  • Using the natural materials around us to create pictures, 3D pictures and sculptures.

  • Designing and constructing objects from natural materials using tools.

  • Large mark making experiences, using bikes/ footprints to paint on large paper.

Making a Boggart with the Underfives and The World Outside
  • Dance and large movement experiences - more space and freedom to move and be creative.

  • Acting out stories, such as the Bear Hunt.

  • Creating characters from books using natural materials and recreating scenes.

  • Singing songs around the camp fire.

  • Dance and yoga.

  • Using photography to capture images and creations and recording.

  • Using natural materials to create sculptures or 3D pictures.

  • Making and using musical instruments

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