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“Let Nature be your teacher.”

William Wordsworth


At the World Outside Kindergarten, numbers play a huge role in our every day life, from counting with the children and checking we have everyone, to putting out the cups for hot chocolate!

The Early years goals are:


Number Patterns

The children learn  mathematics and numeracy through activities such as counting out conkers and sorting leaves.

They also look for recurring patterns in nature or shapes such as triangles and circles.

3 D objects such a s cubes and spheres can be explored through sculpting clay and picking tomatoes.

They can investigate estimation, weights and measures through activities such as making a mud pie. We may comment, "This pot is heavy' or "That stick is too long to fit in there."

Proportion and division can also be explored with language such as ' What happens if we break it in half?'

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Remeberance Sunday Early years craft Red leaf collecting

Other examples on how we incorporate numeracy in everday activities:


When collecting leaves for craft, language such as "Have we got enough?'  'How many more do we need to  have 5?"

"Let's give Harry 2, how many do we have now?"

Sorting shapes into size order and colour wheels.

Comparisons, such as "This worm is bigger than that one!"

Keeping score in games and recording the number of woodlice found under a rock.

More examples:


Problem solving through den building, "This den is not big enough for two of you. Let's have a think about what we need to do."

Recognising patterns in nature and recording them with bark and leaf rubbings.

Measuring and weighing to cook pizza and realising that someone has gone home, "So how many slices do we need now?" "We are going to need twice as much flour if the other group comes to join us for lunch."

Outdoor Cooking. Pizza with The World Outside
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