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At the World Outside Kindergarten the children will get ample opportunity to develop their communication and language skills.

The Early years goals are:

Listening, attention and Understanding


Bug Hunting with under fives with the World Outside

Through interaction with adults they will ask questions such as how and why?  For example, when hunting for bugs.

They will use past, present and future tenses, for example when discussing the life cycle of a butterfly.

They will listen to and follow instructions, such as "Let's wrap up warm today, it's cold outside."

They will communicate with each other as they help each other get dressed to head outside and find their wellingtons.

They will listen to stories such as how a tree grows from a seed and how it goes dormant in the winter and sleeps until the spring

Through movement, exploration and games, the children will learn the meaning of prepositions such as 'in', 'under' and ' next to.'

Simple role play with each other and small play equipment such as the dragons will help them explore language as they listen to stories and re-tell them in their own unique way.

Using their imaginations to embellish as story, with the use of adjectives such as 'ferocious dragon' or describe something they have found, for example, 'I have found a small slimy worm.'

Sequencing, such as 'Going on a bear hunt', following a trail through the woods, through 'tall wavy grass', 'thick oozy mud' and then retracing their steps.

Small world and dinosaurs with The World Outside at Bodenham Arboretum
Hapazome with the World Outside with Early Years

Through using all forms of media the children will learn how to make marks and communicate through media.

They will learn that these marks and images can be used to communicate, through simple tasks such as tracking and setting up trails for their friends to follow.

Media will include, chalk, charcoal, paints, mud, plants in activities such as hapazome.

The children will record their findings through different media, for example, 'recording how high a runner bean has grown' or 'where the best place to find woodlice is.'

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