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Happy Children Sledding in Snow


At the World Outside Kindergarten the children are outside nearly all of the time, whatever the weather, so the correct clothing is essential.

The key to keeping warm and dry is LAYERS!!  The key is to trap warm layers of air between the clothing to help insulate.

As part of registration we will provide you with a full set of waterproofs for your child as it is essential that the children arrive ready  and prepared for the day.


In the Winter we suggest:

  • Base layer – thermals/t-shirts

  • Next bottom layer – fleece or other warm tracksuit bottoms (fleece trousers or other fleece/joggers)

  • First top layer – long sleeve t-shirt

  • Second top layer (on cold days) – fleece jumper 

  • Third top layer – fleece jacket 

  • Waterproofs -The World Outside supply your first set of waterproofs

  • Extra layers – including a scarf or neck buff.

A complete set of spare clothes and at least two pairs of trousers are required.

As the seasons change the children will need less in the way of layers, however they will need a jumper and waterproofs everyday, even in the summer!




Keeping Feet and toes warm is essential for a happy child.     


Wellies do not tend to be that warm, unless used in combination with welly socks.  Always get a pair of wellies one or two sizes too big to accommodate all those socks!!!


We recommend lined wellies with welly socks and unless it’s really wet, snow boots can be warmer than wellies, but not completely waterproof.

We recommend wellies with at least 2 pairs of socks. The bottom a thin cotton sock, and the top sock a thick wool or fluffy bed sock.

Wellies are great for the summer, spring and autumn for puddle splashing, but are useless at keeping feet warm in the winter, please ensure your child has lined wellies, snow boots or hiking boots for the colder months.



Children struggle to get gloves on and them keep them dry.  Your child will be very active outside so big, thick gloves are great for keeping warm, but they are a problem when it comes to taking part in activities .

The answer is to send your child with multiple pairs of gloves - at least 5 pairs, so that they can be changed regularly.  The thin magic gloves work well as they allow your child to carry on with activities, but can be easily changed and dried if necessary .

A big thick pair of ski gloves will be great as a back up in their bags, if their hands do get cold so we can warm them up before they head out again!


A good, warm hat is a must -  if they are not waterproof we can always pop their hoods up on those occasional wet days.

Children Sledding in Snow
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