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Why chOOSe An Outdoor Nursery?

Choosing an outdoor nursery for your child offers a multitude of benefits supported by strong evidence.

The Scottish government's commissioned paper, 'Out to Play,' highlights numerous reasons why an outdoor play-based environment enhances children's lives.

Growing up in the countryside, I experienced first hand the joys of exploring fields, getting immersed in streams, and climbing trees. However, as a parent in a town, I felt unable to provide my own children with the freedom to thrive in a natural environment.

At World Outside Kindergarten, a nursery located in Kidderminster, we aim to give your children the opportunity to experience a fantastic outdoor setting. Here, they can freely explore, learn, and grow at their own pace and in their unique way.

Discover the Abundance of Benefits Your Child Gains from Attending an outdoor Nursery such as The World Outside Kindergarten:

  • Academic Readiness: Our kindergarten provides an education tailored to your child's age and learning abilities, ensuring they are well-prepared for a successful transition to primary school.

  • Innovative Learning Approaches: We employ practical and inventive methods to teach literacy and arithmetic, allowing your child to grasp these essential skills in engaging and memorable ways.

  • Holistic Development: Our curriculum not only focuses on academic achievement but also nurtures practical and social skills necessary for future education and personal growth.

  • Socialization and Friendships: Your child will have ample opportunities to socialize and make friends, fostering their social confidence, empathy, and cooperation.

  • Teamwork and Instructional Skills: Through collaborative activities and following instructions, your child will develop valuable teamwork abilities and learn the importance of cooperation.

  • Nurturing Environment: Rest assured knowing that your child is in a nourishing and high-quality environment, where their well-being and growth are prioritized.

  • Physical Fitness and Well-being: Outdoor play encourages physical activity, leading to better overall health and quality sleep, promoting optimal learning potential.

  • Active Lifestyle and Healthy Habits: Our kindergarten promotes an active lifestyle that emphasizes healthy eating habits, supporting your child's physical and mental well-being.

  • Stronger Bones and Improved Vision: Regular exposure to outdoor environments and sunlight enhances bone density and contributes to better eyesight.

  • Respiratory Health and Immunity Boost: By spending time outdoors, your child benefits from improved respiratory health and a stronger immune system through exposure to a wider range of microbes.

  • Enhanced Well-being and Mental Health: Playing outdoors promotes children's overall well-being and mental health, allowing them to experience the calming effects of nature.

  • Resilience and Confidence Building: Our safe outdoor environment encourages children to take calculated risks, manage challenges, and build resilience, boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

  • Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal Skills: Outdoor play facilitates the development of emotional regulation, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills, crucial for healthy interpersonal relationships.

  • Connection to Nature: By experiencing and appreciating nature at an early age, your child develops a lasting bond with the environment, promoting a lifelong commitment to sustainability.

  • Enriched Learning Experience: Our focus on creativity, interpersonal skills, empathy, and negotiation fosters a well-rounded child with a strong foundation for continued growth and academic success.

  • Joyful and Essential: Above all, our approach emphasizes that outdoor play is not only essential for children's development but also a fun and integral part of their daily play-based learning.

  • At The World Outside Kindergarten, we are dedicated to providing a holistic educational experience that supports your child's growth, fosters a love for learning, and nurtures their well-being through engaging outdoor activities and a stimulating environment

Why chOOSe


In and around the Wyre Forest, you will find numerous delightful childcare settings.


What sets our setting apart is our unique woodland environment that offers ample space for exploration, allowing children to thrive in a natural setting.


We take pride in maintaining a higher staff-to-child ratio to ensure the safety of each child while still providing opportunities for essential risky play, vital for their development.

At our nursery, we strive to create a rich learning environment where children can:

  • Develop foundational skills in arithmetic and literacy, preparing them for their future learning journey

  • Cultivate effective communication with their peers and adults.

  • Learn the values of teamwork and cooperation.

  • Experience the joy of growing their own vegetables.

  • Discover the fascinating world of beekeeping.

  • Engage in cooking activities over an open fire, fostering practical skills.

  • Enjoy the freedom and safety of exploring the woodland.

  • Embrace measured risky play, allowing them to learn and grow.

  • Develop an understanding of the environment and sustainability.

We believe that this holistic approach to learning and development, rooted in nature, offers a truly enriching experience for your child.

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